Frontman young

My name is Pedja and I’m 5 years old...
Someday I’m going to be a Superman!

23 years later
Frontman now

So, as you can guess,
I didn’t make it as a Superman.

I am a front-end-man and I try
to do it in a super way...

Yey, that’s close enough... for now! :)

enough about me
let's talk about my


his majesty

the CV

or as I like to call it
“Cellulose violation”
<!DOCTYPE html>
   <name> Predrag Novakovic </name>
   <title> M.Sc. of Graphic engineering & design </title>
   <year type="birth"> 1985 </year>
   <place type="birth"> Novi Sad, Serbia </place>
   <link rel="stylesheet" href="style/male.css">
      <ol class="education">
<li> "Prva vojvodjanska brigada", primary school - Novi Sad </li> <li> "Svetozar Markovic", high school - Novi Sad </li> <li> Faculty of technical sciences - Novi Sad <em> Department of Graphic Engineering and Design </em> </li>
</ol> </header> <div class="content"> <ul class="experience">
<li> 2003. Self-web-designing, Freelancing </li> <li> 2010. - ? Founder &amp; CEO of "Just One Studio", Serbia </li> <li> 2012. - 2014. Senior Front-end developer in "Plakar Studio", Serbia &amp; Libya </li> <li> 2013. - 2014. Co-Founder of "4Design Studio", Serbia </li> <li> 2014. - ? Freelancing, Worldwide </li>
</ul> <dl class="skills front-end">
<dt> Front-end skills: </dt> <dd> HTML5 </dd> <dd> CSS3 </dd> <dd> CSS3 animation and transitions </dd> <dd> SASS (Syntatically Awesome Stylesheets) </dd> <dd> jQuery </dd> <dd> Bootstrap3 </dd> <dd> Gulp </dd> <dd> GIT </dd> <dd> RTL coding for websites in Arabic </dd>
</dl> <dl class="skills personal">
<dt> Personal skills: </dt> <dd> Communicative </dd> <dd> Creative </dd> <dd> Ambitious </dd> <dd> Devoted </dd> <dd> Fast learner </dd> <dd> Team player </dd> <dd> Curious </dd> <dd> Joyful </dd> <dd> Positive energy transmiter :) </dd>
</dl> </div> <!-- End of content finally --> <footer> <dl class="interests other">
<dt> Other interests: </dt> <dd> Phitigraphy </dd> <dd> Graphical design </dd> <dd> Folklore dances (dancing since 8yrs) </dd> <dd> Traveling (thanks to Folklore) </dd> <dd> Sports </dd> <dd> Hanging out with friends </dd> <dd> Computer games </dd> <dd> Figuring out how to make the World a better place </dd>
</dl> <small> &copy; Copyright myself 2013. Design by: my mom &amp; People around me. </small> </footer> </body> </html>

how can you

get me

Dear everybody,

If you need expertise and 1st class front-end development, feel free to contact me directly...

Or, we can get social:

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if you didn't notice :)