The brand is any graphic two-dimensional or stereoscopic three-dimensional, whether in the form of a natural material or design a unique e-which have the ability to distinguish goods and services company from those that belong to other companies, and in this regard can be this brand words for words (including the names of persons) or distinctive designs or letters or numbers or anthropomorphic shows in the form of goods or packaging. Trademarks used in operations related to trade in goods to denote the origin and source of the goods.

Brand can be any word or term, symbol or logo or design, tool, or a set of words or terms or symbols or designs and working on the definition of the source and origin of goods or services from those party to any third party and distinguish them.

The definition of the brand in the Libyan law "are trademarks names taken a distinctive form and signatures, words, letters, numbers, graphics, logos and plates shops advertising and stamps and seals, pictures and reliefs and any other sign, or any combination of them if they are used or intended to be used either to distinguish products business, industrial or exploitation of agricultural or forest land or extracts or any goods, either to indicate the source of products, goods or kind or rank, or guaranteed or method of preparation. "

Another legal definition of "is a trademark all distinctive form of names or words or signatures, characters Oalerqam or graphics or icons, addresses, or stamps, seals or pictures or inscriptions or ads or packaging or any other signs or total if used or intended to be used either to distinguish the goods or products or services from whatever source to indicate that these services, goods or products belonging to the owner of the brand because of its submission, manufacture or picked up or traded. accompanying sound is the brand's part of it. "