Registration will be through the Ministry of Economy. Any person may wish to use a trademark to distinguish his goods, products or services that apply to the ministry for registration in accordance with the provisions of the law. The protection accorded to apply the brand across Libya.

Application must be submitted to the Ministry in accordance with the terms and conditions Almansosh in this law and its implementing regulations that fulfills all the conditions and be attached all the documents mentioned. The ministry should, if the applicant fulfills the requirements and conditions Almansosh in this law and its implementing regulations, to take a decision on the request within 60 days from the date of submission (time is calculated from the date of receipt documents).

Upon completing the registration procedures are published and mark all the data related to the owner in the Official Gazette so special. In case of registration of a trademark, will be awarded the trademark owner certificate includes no registration of the mark and the date of submission of the application and the date of registration, trade name or the owner's name, nationality and place of residence and the mirror image of the mark and the description of the products, goods or services or categories that distinguish the brand and number and date of the right takes precedence over international.

The application for registration of a trademark evidence of the beginning of the legal proceedings and it must be a commitment to providing all the required documents and deadlines so it also must pay the fees required from the beginning to provide treatment to when it is finished. Must pay attention to it is not necessarily complete record everything that is submitted to the concerned authorities as some of the signs may be in violation of the law, legislation and regulations, norms and traditions.

In the event of acceptance of the application for registration, it is concerned on the compliance with legal requirements and other fees and repayment deadlines for the purpose of maintaining the registration renewal and preserve it.

When filing the registration application must specify the legal basis that will be on the basis of the registration of a trademark, whether it is:

  • For the purpose of their use locally immediately after date.
  • Just registered structure used at a later time.
  • A request by the foreign entity.
  • An Application for registration under Madrid Agreement of brands.

Your connection to us and consult us about your actions in general you do not arrange any financial obligation, and if you accept our offer then begin the relationship and the consequent need to pay fees. Above all, we look commercial, legal and technical trademarks similar had already been recorded in the Libyan market.