How to register

Brand can be recorded by attaching a photo for trademark registration certificates provided that they are valid, as well as a picture of the agency certified legal translator and duly documented, in addition to an administrative fee to be determined when you contact us. The following documents are required:

  1. 1

    Power of attorney from the state in which registration of the mark in the name of our company to represent you in all official circles inside Libya for the purpose of completing the registration procedures.

  2. 2

    Must include the registration application date of the beginning of the use of the brand and model of the brand shows how to use the brand and the form of the approved design (preferably the number of originals showing measurements and color).

  3. 3

    Determine the type of activity is it productive - Commercial - a service - industrial - agricultural .... Etc. and the type of categories in which you intend to register the mark, and from the list set out in the following link (link to the Regulations)

  4. 4

    Locate registered abroad and the name that have done so, and send the registration certificate provided that they are valid.

  5. 5

    Company registration documents in the original country of registration, such as the commercial register and a certificate from the Chamber of Commerce to be certified from the Libyan embassy abroad.

You must pay attention to that independent documents must be sent to the registration of a trademark in each category, as the registration of the mark in any of them is an independent process. And may not be registered brands of wines and alcohol and pork as already Etbiana in the law and its executive regulations. The international classification of goods and services used is the eighth version, and can not score 33 category and alcoholic goods in Class 32, in addition to Christmas trees and related products in Class 28 in Libya, and a separate application must be submitted for each category.

The Office of the trademark registration to receive applications for registration of trademarks, whether local or foreign individuals or companies offering brand attached to the request issued through the decision of acceptance or rejection, and then the office the process of publishing Procedure Code and the remaining period of three months is obtained on the brand and during this period of the right of any foreign company or a local or an individual believes that the brand belonged to oppose it and submit objections and broadcast Office in the case of a similarity or precedence in the registry, in the case proved that the mark is the ownership of the forefront are issued useful for trademark registration and expired ten years.