Sourcing & QualityControl

We have a special section offers a search service to our customers who atre looking for staff have experience in sourcing of clothes and shoes companies and food suppliers, and how to do a legal contracts with them. We also offer you invitations to visit international exhibitions in Italy, and remind you of the dates of these exhibitions through our website.
We also offer you money transfer services through banking services and prompt delivery.
We offer packing services and ensure the safety of the product and the number and quantities contracted.
We are the best in this field, especially in Italy.


About Us

ARGAN S.R.L for fast and express shipping was founded in 2011 by the multinational transport and logistics transportation.We are proud that we are from Libya and we chose the name of ERGAN which is a type of olive trees. We have the ability to provide the best services and prices in the transportation of your shipment from Europe to North Africa, especially Libya and Tunisia. ARGAN S.R.L Company for express cargo is a subsidiary of Group of Companies ARGAN CO. Global and we aim to expand its global presence by providing global logistics services all over the world.


With the support of our offices and partners in Europe from Italy, France and Spain, we offer a wide range of transport worldwide, including sea shipping and air freight as well as overland solutions such as rail and road freight.

Sea Shipping

We do sea shipping throughout so many express shipping lines all over the world as well as providing loading services of containers of 20 feet and 40 feet, also we offer a competitive prices and after shipping services which is including customs services and transferring the shipment direct to your stores.

We can also provide certain containers to ship goods, such as:
Flat rack, open from top, flexi tank, shipping containers, dangerous goods, also transport and temperature control services of refrigerated containers, as well as Full ship leasing and provide full-service packing and loading of the shipment at the seaports.

Railway shipping

In cooperation with CEMAT Company we offer containers transportation services by rail throughout Europe to our warehouses in Italy, then shipping them to North African.

Air freight

Standard air freight solutions with many airlines companies worldwide, and also we provide rapid transport services solutions.

Road freight

We believe that we are the best and the fastest in this field, and we offer you loading and transporting of your shipment by our trucks to Libya and Tunisia with competitive prices as we owned our fleet which consists of more than 30 trucks.
Also we offer special cargo transportation services to transport heavy cargo weight and bulk.


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